Dalki Cafe

HUGE kudos to my birthday twinsie Victoria for finding this unique new place in Seoul, a perfect mix of food and fun, and special treat for the kiddos!  It is located to the left of the complex that the Olympic Park Gate is housed in, so if you go, you can see two great things in one stop!


It was a 5,000w entry fee, but that also gets you a 5,000w coupon to put towards food or coffee whilst there.  They also hand you a wrist bracelet with key so you can store your shoes in a locker.  I am going to miss romping about in my socks on my return to the States~ it really does feel more sanitary than tracking everything in and around with shoes on.
This place is like a way cooler, more intelligent and clean version of Chuck E Cheese.  There were nets to dangle from, a zip line, cars whizzing across the ceiling, and huge monitors hanging up so that parents could eat or drink coffee and still keep an eye out for their child.  I wished I was the child though, because the bouncy snow drift looked super fun!
There was also a quiter area with crafts and books~


I thought this drawing of a lil one eating a loaf of bread/playing the flute? whatever…was ADORABLE!


The meal options were a far cry from greasy pizza, offering salads, pasta, and risottos.  I had the seafood dok~ or rice cake with seafood and cream sauce. It was DE-LISH!  I even snarfed down the octopus legs, we are starting to stick together quite well these days (get it…octopus…stick…sucker?? bwahhaa)


All fun ziplines and ropes aside, I was most excited to meet  Dongchimee ~ basically a poop guy character who is obsessed with making poop sculptures. Apparently, dung is a playful topic to discuss with kids, and Dongchimee is loosely translated into “poop stick”.
He wears a poo hat, and yes, that is him, snot dripping from his nose with a fly settled on his latest sculpture on the slide.
He gently rolled out toilet paper for kids to wipe there bottoms down whilst sliding:


Poo cut out!
And here, he shows the cycle of poo. Coming from the animal eating the plant, pooing it out, it renourishing the ground, new plants stirring, and the animal eating again~ Ahh, the cycle of life.


Online, Dongchimee is described as:
The description from the website reads:

Dongchimee loves Dung very much.

It is his own creation.

It is hard to adjust and makes him feel good every morning.

Dongchimee tries to test to have creations.

He sometimes makes dung watery or dry.

He makes sketches of such satisfactory dung and put it in a glass bottle.

Dongchimee spends most of time at home. He sticks out dung of others unconsciously when he is outside.

He can’t stand just watching it. That’s why they call him “Dongchimee”.

The gift shop was full of Dongchimee items, like this stylish poo hat Jenica adorned:


I personally think I would stick with Dalki, the namesake of the cafe.  Dalki is the Korean word for Strawberry~ so literally, the Korean “Strawberry Shortcake!”


Another interesting themed cafe find in Korea! And I have to agree with Dalki,
If it’s not fun, why do it?!


  1. i was very behind in my blog reading. catching up was great. this place looks so fun for little ones, but still not feeling the poo theme, seems weird. the strawberry chick is cute tho. glad you are out and about. loved reading all the posts. not feeling my best still, having larygitis is not good for work, very tired, heading to bed. love you pookie-mommacita

  2. Great times!


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