Shrimp Shack Snackin!

If you are looking for a LOCAL treat on Oahu, you can’t get any better than The Shrimp Shack! I can say that with some merit, after living here now for over a year and trying various food trucks across my island. The Shack is where it is AT.  The ladies that run the place are friendly, passionate, and want to make your experience special.

shrimp shack snackin

We went for an assortment of items, Dad went for a sweet ice-cream coffee, and Mom and I tried the tropical floats.  They were SCRUMPTIOUS, and it helped that they are ALL NATURAL. Serious double yum.

shrimp shack snackin

Deciding what delicacy to sink our teeth into was a dilemma…

shrimp shack snackin shrimp shack snackin

However we all ended up pleasantly filled by grilled mahi, coconut shrimp, and mussels!

shrimp shack snackin shrimp shack snackin

If ever there was a family that just loves to try new foods…

that’s us.

I’m always on the hunt for my next tasty bite, and I know I can find one at The Shrimp Shack!


  1. doreencrabtree says:

    Looks so yummy! That was a great meal. Love, mommacita

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