Cabinet Control

I am SOO excited to finally finish my great Cabinet Control project!! This all started because when Ryan comes home from deployment, I have naturally re-organized the entire house and he has no idea where anything is.  We discussed this frustration, and my desperate need to clean clutter and decided that we should make lists of what is in each cabinet.  That way both of us have immediate access to the materials we need.

I am also loving the idea for our next move, because now I’ve truly gone through all that we own and know exactly what we have lurking about.  I can definitely own up to buying two of the same item just because I forgot I owned it.  Well, that is OVER with our new lists!

cabinet control

I took inventory, and worked each area to free up space for baby’s incoming things.  I then typed and mounted my sheets on heavy black paper, adorned them with a little scrap paper, and stuck them up with washi tape.

cabinet control

See those two white bins? They are completely EMPTY! By re-organizing, I found out I had a lot of wasted space.  Now those bins are awaiting burp cloths, bibs, and bottles;)

cabinet control

I also had fun looking through all my beautiful linens.  So many great pieces, and I have not been using them.  It’s time to decorate and fill each season with the joy of passing time.

cabinet control

I loved the kitchen outcome, so I continued my project in the bathroom cabinet as well. This is going to come in handy for late-night medicine needs, switching out sheets, and just locating items.


I can’t wait for the man to see the final product, but for now, I’m already enjoying the fruits of my labor.  Scanning through the lists I can quickly find something, or put it away in it’s own carved out home.  A little neurotic? Sure! But I have complete Cabinet Control now, and I’m loving it!

52 Weeks of Happy: Week 37

52 Weeks of Happy: Week 37 arrived and was FULL of social fun, watching Harry Potter movies again, and little surprises!

I went to a Lethal Luau on Tuesday, which was a murder-mystery dinner party.  Everyone was really into their parts and their costumes, which made it a hilariously good time!
Lethal Luau

I also had my 22 Week picture taken, Baby Swo is definitely starting to POP.

Lethal Luau 3

I was surprised by another round of gorgeous flowers this week from my man. We are in the part of this deployment where we do not get to talk, so it is lovely to be thought of through these sentiments.  I love you so much babe, thanks for thinking of doing this!


52 Weeks of Happy 52 Weeks of Happy

I had a FABULOUS day out with Maica enjoying the Halloween store, Korean food, and buying industrial fans to cool down our hot, hot apartments.

Maica Day Out 2 Maica Day Out 3 Maica Day Out 4

I also loved:

Phone conversations with my mama, Lil Steve, Katie, Alexia, Caitlin and my sister

The lovely packages I received from Mama and Caitlin, THANK YOU ladies!

Building the scrap cabinet with Miranda

Completing some tough choreography and seeing it come to life

Quiet nights reading.

Here’s to HAPPY, xoxolindsay

What’s on the Menu?

I have been one hungry pregnant lady lately.  However I’ve also been able to bring back some of my favorite eats, now that my appetite has returned!  The main dish to return on my menu has been the plethora of GREEN things.  For the first four months or so, chomping down on a salad lost it’s appeal.  I mixed a million green smoothies instead.  But now, the crisp crunch of vegetables is amazing once more!

I can’t say I’ve felt crazy cravings for weird combinations or certain foods, but I have been really desiring red meat since the beginning. I find this fascinating, as I’ve never been a big red-meat girl.  With babes on the way, I guess I’m needing more iron.  I am eating twice a week now, but I am picky about it. I’ve been getting it from Whole Foods, making sure it is grass-fed, happy cows.

I’ve included a few new recipe findings below.  Now that I’m back to cooking up a storm, I can’t wait to share more as the months continue!

Menu lately!

This delicious Banana Bread has now become one of my favorites.  I can make it with the basics of baking I always have on hand, and bananas tend to go manky around here fast! I did exchange one 1/2 cup of flour for wheat flour this time, and it was still very tasty.  A few slices and a hard-boiled egg in the morning? Breakfast served!

Menu lately!

I whipped up a batch of super-easy dill dip for a party this week, and have continued to keep making MORE after!

Quick and Easy Dill Dip

2 cups Greek Yogurt, 2 cloves garlic, 2 Tbsp lemon juice, FRESH Dill to taste, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp pepper, 1 tsp Mrs. Dash, mix all together and you are done!

Menu lately!

I found this recipe again on the wonderful world of Pinning;)  Quick and Easy Lemon Spaghetti made for a delightful lunch cold, and I ate it hot for dinner.  I added mushrooms for protein, but chicken would be a delightful addition as well.

Menu lately!

 Happy Friday and cheers to good eats throughout your weekend;)

The Deployment Dilemma

This is another one of those waiting-in-the-wings posts where I have a thousand thoughts on the subject, but I have had a hard time nailing them all down and finding the right way to say them.  However my newest goal for my blog is to be more open, honest, and find a way to say it.  I hope to keep looking back and forward with the lessons I’ve learned along my journey. I hope to keep growing, and maybe reach just the right person that needs this too.

I’ve been married to my Marine for almost six years.   We’ve gone through two deployments as a dating couple, and are now on our second one as a married couple, so four total.  This deployment has been so different from the first three.  I feel like I’m finally able to handle it with more grace, with more strength, and with more confidence.  All of that exciting growth stems from going through it the hard way, three times before.  I do know this one has been easier because he’s not in a war zone this time.   That in itself is a tremendous blessing and relief. If your spouse is out there in a “scary” area, I feel for you. I’ve been there.  Wherever that special person is though, the separation is tough.


I am not perfect.  Deployments just STINK.  I have bad days and good days.  But here are the small trinkets of wisdom  I’ve picked up along the way, they help me to keep putting one foot forward each day.

Do not Compare and Despair:

In the military we are bound to bump into, lean on, and be a part of our military community.  Everyone has a different story, set of experiences, and journey that they are on.  I’ve met spouses that have gone through and are on their 10+++ deployment.  I’ve met some that have a spouse that’s never deployed.  I work hard to not compare our life with theirs.  We may share similar woes and triumphs, but that’s where I try to keep it.  It only brings me down to wish I had a spouse that never left. It’s easy to feel jealous or angry of those that have their “person” around constantly, because I know how easily it can all be taken for granted.  Instead of being mad though, I try to be happy for whoever gets to have that.  I see our family as one that can step up and provide those freedoms for our fellow citizens.  And when I do have it, oh my goodness how I appreciate the love, joy, and even the tough times of really getting to BE together again!

It does not change the stink factor of missing him or this time with him, but I know we will get through it.  I also try to be sensitive for those currently looking at their spouse deploying, have one gone, are celebrating a homecoming, or have never had them deploy at all.  Each one of those chapters comes with ups and downs.

Find Support:

I am really fortunate to have a very supportive family, on both sides.  My Mama and my mother-in-law constantly hear my cries, my laughter, my rants, and answer those calls.  I also have a lovely few friends that can and will listen to the down days.  Everyone has their own way of dealing. Some times I DO NOT want to talk about it.  I go into a self-proclaimed “Lindsay Hole” and curl up on the sofa and just watch an entire season of something silly on Netflix whilst occasionally getting up for a snack.  Those days are rare for me.  But they happen.  I just try to listen to myself and take the time to feel the sadness.  Then the next day I dust myself off, phone a friend, get out and get going.  Find a network of people you trust, that can relate, that let you air those raw emotions, and then help you to turn it back around again.


It is easier for my spouse to do his job if he knows I’m taking care of myself whilst he’s away.  I look at the months that lie ahead in a deployment at first with dread, and then I CHOOSE.  I can choose to have the sofa day.  But I’d rather have one of those and choose a hundred doing, loving, living, experiencing, adventuring, GROWING days after that! I get crazy excited about setting goals.  I see this as a time for me again.  A time to focus on me, what I want, and what I need.  This deployment I’ve been focused on baby prep, on online courses, on seeing more of Hawaii, on saying “yes” to many visitors, on working on the list of craft projects I’ve wanted to do…the possibilities are endless.  A busier mind for me keeps me balanced.  It keeps me moving and makes me feel accomplished in these months we are apart.

There is no doubt this is an unpleasant time.  But time does not stop.  I hope to continue solving my Deployment Dilemma daily, and keep reminding myself that we will get through.

You Are Not Alone:

Hundreds of spouses have gone through this before me, and hundreds more will after.  This is not our last deployment.  But can I even fathom doing this in the times of WWII? Of Vietnam?? Where snail mail was it and real conversations scarce?? No. Kuddos to you that walked this path before us.  We are so lucky for the chance to have video chats.  To hear one another’s voice over the phone from world’s away!  It makes a tremendous difference.

I also mean that I’m not alone in this deployment with my husband.  It felt like it was happening to only me when I was less mature.  My spouse seemed so tough and resilient compared to me.  Some spouses I’ve talked to were not prepared to ever have their person leave.  Like they would be one of the “lucky” ones that never has to endure a deployment.  Well, my reality is sometimes we’ve got to do it.  But as our married journey continues, so does OUR military life.  We both talked about re-enlistments and decided this life is one we were going to continue on living as a family.  We’re united in this decision, and the good and bad that comes with it.

We are our own unit, our own strong team of two tackling this together.  I’m not alone ever, because he is out there some where.  I’m wishing him safety, I’m dreaming of being together again soon, and even as stinky as deployments are, they pass.

An Adventure in Every Day, xoxoLindsay

A Day with Disney Magic

Last Tuesday I was invited to go to the Disney Character brunch at the Aulani Resort with a few girlfriends.  It was a truly magical morning!  I enjoyed getting out and doing something I would typically consider “touristy” now that I live here, but I think that is the point.  I want to keep being a tourist in my own hometown!   Also living on a gorgeous island such as this, I really can get into the daily grind of my own work/hobbies/routine and can forget what natural beauty I am fortunate enough to live in!

Disney Magic

The brunch has been one of the best ones on the island, with healthy fruits and salad alongside all of the sumptuous eggs, bacon, and Mickey waffles! I was also a big fan because once you are done eating, you can change into your swim suit and go down to enjoy the private beach for a few hours…heaven!

Disney Magic Disney Magic

Seriously, this was just another Tuesday here in Hawaii.  This place is so stunning.

Disney Magic

One of my favorite mama and daughter duo’s was there too! Miranda and adorable Baby K:

Disney Magic Disney Magic

I also finally got a few “dressed up” pregnancy pictures! Most of the time I’m in athletic wear headed for teaching a class, so it was lovely to feel put-together and pretty in a new way with the bump.

Disney Magic Disney Magic Disney Magic

I’m 22 weeks along now (this photo was taken at 21), hooray for Minnie Mouse and my bump! This day was magical, I can’t wait to go back with a few friends that I have visiting soon.  I’ll take a Disney day, any day!

September Photo Challenge Part 1

I enjoyed the August Photo Challenge so much with my friends on Facebook that I decided to join the September one as well.  This month I decided to take the majority of my photos with my phone, as last month I was a little stressed doing this challenge by trying to capture them all with my fancy camera.  So far, I’m coming along quite well!

Day 1: In the morning

September Photo Challenge 1

Day 2: On the Table:

September Photo Challenge 1

Day 3: Free Time

September Photo Challenge 1

Day 4: Music

September Photo Challenge 1

Day 5: Dessert

September Photo Challenge 1

Day 6: Close Up

September Photo Challenge 1

Day 7: Animal

September Photo Challenge 1

Day 8: Blue

September Photo Challenge 1

Day 9: Clouds

September Photo Challenge 1

Day 10: What You Wore Today

September Photo Challenge 1

Day 11: On the Ground

September Photo Challenge 1

Day 12: Metallic

September Photo Challenge 1

Day 13: Orange

September Photo Challenge 1

Day 14: 6 o’clock

September Photo Challenge 1

Day 15: I made this

September Photo Challenge 1

Days 16- 30 are going to be just as fun to hunt down, and honestly I can’t believe we’re halfway through the month already!

Getting Inspired 3

My hopes in sharing these links with you today is that you might take a moment to read and feel that crazy inspiration lightening strike, or start working toward it!  These are in no way works of mine, but I respect the authors, masterminds, behind them and thank them for putting them out in the universe to be enjoyed!

Getting Inspired

I’ve been enjoying TED Talks again, this one by Jennifer Senior struck a chord with me.  Trying to wish for our child’s happiness truly is a high bar, this gives me other items to focus on than just “happy” whilst raising our baby.

Bruce Feiler also had some great parenting points, in his talk about Agile Programming for Your Family.  I loved the ideas of incorporating a 1. morning checklist, 2. family meetings, 3. adapting all the time, 4. empowering your child, 5. make a family mission statement, and 6. Happiness in the Home is MADE.

This honest post on feelings from Young House Love was inspired.  It also held a light up for me about what it may mean to monetize my blog.  It can mean amazing potential, but also it can mean pressure, deadlines, and turning a true, honest work into a giant stressor.

I want to make this crust less apple pie from A Beautiful Mess, and also these cute conversation heart magnets on Making Nice in the Midwest.

Happiness Challenge, 52 Weeks of Happy is BACK: Week 36

I was nominated to do the Happiness Challenge on Facebook by my dear friend Emily Kinney.  I had to post three things I was thankful for over the course of five days.  Here were my thankful moments: 

Day 1:
1. I am thankful I can still be as active as I am in my pregnancy. It makes me feel good! 
2. I am thankful for laundry drying in the sunshine. I love this chore, and how it makes everything feel fresher from spending some time outside.
3. I am thankful for the finances to afford healthy, wonderful for my body food. I doubly thankful to not go hungry.

Island Life

Island Life

Day 2:
1. I am thankful for living near a BEACH. Oh how I adore the sand between my toes, the gorgeous water, the sunshine on my face.
2. I am thankful for an email during this time of limited contact with my husband. He is safe, and worlds apart I LOVE you.
3. I am thankful for my lanai, where I sit typing this now, watching the sun go down. We are so lucky to be here.

Day 3:
1. I love my job. I love that after all these years, I can still pursue my passion in new ways.
2. I love that my friends from a-far are just as important as those close by, and that we’ve learned how to adjust and be in one another’s lives even at a distance.
3. I am thankful for the daily chats I get to have with my Mama.

Katie and Linds, NYC 2013

Katie and Linds, NYC 2013

Day 4:
1. I am thankful to have had a trip to NYC last fall, a full year has passed, and that was such a nice way to catch up with my lady soul mate, Katie. This year, she’s coming to me!
2. I am thankful that my mother-in-law arrives at the end of this month just to be with me. It is so incredibly special that we are so close that she is visiting even without my hubby here. I truly gained another mother.
3. I am happy to have the night off tonight to put my feet up, read, and cut music!


As I finish my final, 5th day today I was able to sit and reflect for a moment, about how much I enjoyed this challenge.  Then I thought back to my goal this year, of creating 52 Weeks of Happy on my blog.  I fell off that train on WEEK 23. You can read that final post here.  I’ve missed weeks 24-35.  Was I unhappy during that time? Nope.  But I was not always in the mood to pick a happy.

I’ve definitely gone through the ups and downs of deployment, which I’ll cover more in the upcoming weeks, but as I worked on this Happiness Challenge over the past few weeks, I’ve decided I need to RE-CHALLENGE myself to finish what I started.  Time to get back on that train and ride it into 2015.

That being said, here are my Final 3 moments of Happy to complete this challenge, and we are now starting FRESH on the 52 Week Challenge: Week 36:)

Day 5:
1. I am thankful for the aircon in my neighborhood Starbucks. Prego in Hawaii can be HOT in my apartment at times! Writing this with decaf latte in hand, I’m savoring the time I have to do this right now!
2. I am thankful for the inspiration I have to do projects that make me happy. I am a MAKER. I like to make things!
3. I am thankful this challenge put me back on the weekly recap of happiness posts. I can’t wait to see what little joys I can find in the upcoming months.

One to grow on? This cute picture I had taken with Minnie Mouse this week! Week 21 and feeling fine:)

21 Weeks with Minnie!

21 Weeks with Minnie!

Here’s to three cheers for HAPPY!

Prego Fitness: 1

During this week of baby talk, I had to cover my Prego Fitness!

I have been keeping very active this pregnancy, and received the BEST advice from a friend just last week:

“Don’t fall off the wagon.  It is SO hard to get back on.”

That has stuck to me as my new slogan.  Now am I being wild and working out 24/7?! NO! The pace and the activities I am doing are different for sure, but I am attempting to keep up at least 4 workouts a week that incorporate strength and cardio.  I am also in love with a Yoga for Pregnancy class that I found, and with a new water aerobics class I’ve tried out.

Prego Fitness

I did finish teaching my last Cardio and Tone class on Friday, September 5th, and have reduced the high-impact Zumba I was teaching to only one class a week. I am on my feet for at least 12 hours (sometimes more) of dance instruction throughout the week.  My goals are to teach the Zumba class through October, and re-visit the possibility of continuing it then.  I know some women that can go until their 38th week, and I’d love that to be me, but I also do not want to put un-necessary pressure on myself.  I will be teaching at the dance studio for that long.  The doctor has said as long as it was something from my old routine (I’m not just going to jump into marathon training right now) and it still feels good, keep going!

Why I am still enjoying the workouts:

1. It releases those happy-endorphins.  Seriously. I ALWAYS feel better after.

2. It makes me feel like this is a little something extra and special I can do for myself AND for baby.  We both need to be healthy to get through this.

3. I want to be able to bounce back.  I’ve talked to a lot of my friends, and they have said it was easier to get themselves back after baby by continuing on a healthy path whilst pregnant.

My current motivation: THE FIT BIT CHALLENGE


I really, really want to get a fitbit.  I originally wanted the one you can wear on your wrist, but after more researching I’ve decided the clip-on is more my style.  Also, I like the fact that it counts and SHOWS the steps throughout the day, without the use of the App. I know I’ll be more motivated just looking down and seeing steps.

So to work towards this goal in my Prego Fitness time, I’ve developed a point system for myself.  I get 1 point for every walk I do, and 2 points for each group exercise class I attend.  Thus far from August till now, I’ve earned about 70.  My goal is to reach a hundred, and then I can make my purchase.  I have a feeling the fitbit will make pregnancy even more fun for me, as my exercise level may start being reduced to more walking.  If I can reach my steps each day, I think that is a great new way to look at my changing body!

Do you earn points toward a purchase? What do you do to stay motivated (especially new mommies!)?

My Pregnancy Journey Weeks 12-20

 My Pregnancy Journey Weeks 12- 20:

I still need naps often.  I do believe the whole “glory” of the second trimester is kicking in, but slowly.  I am hungrier than I was at the beginning, so I’m working on snacking smart!  It’s not easy to say no to a bunch of extra sugar (I want it!) but for the most part I’m eating well, exercising, and enjoying prego life.

A big excitement for me was telling as many people IN PERSON as I could about our pregnancy.  My husband and I haven’t even hugged over it yet (come on December!) but this post can really center around how special it has been to share Baby with those around me here, and our visitors.

My Pregnancy Part 2

Kate flew into Honolulu right as I was reaching the 12 week mark.  I worked very hard at not telling her, so I could surprise Auntie Kate at the airport!

She and I giggled, cried, and talked about this upcoming joy a lot on her trip here, and she even surprised me with Baby’s first onesie, a maple leaf from Canada!

My Pregnancy, Part 2

Kate also held my hand during the 12 week ultrasound, which I had a hard time holding my belly still for because I was laugh-crying so hard. It was incredible to see this tiny PERSON within me!

My Pregnancy Part 2

Baby Swo and I went to Utah during week 13, where we surprised my sister and bro-in-law with a card and picture of what was to come:

My Pregnancy Part 2

Hiking in Utah!

My Pregnancy Part 2

My favorite part of the trip was that my little niece Emma dubbed Baby Swo, “Baby Swo-ey”.  She was also the FIRST person to kiss and hug my belly.  I find this so special.  My Ry-guy might not be here to do it yet, but it was such a sweet sentiment that my beloved niece thought to do so! Each morning she would come out and say good morning to and kiss the baby.

My Pregnancy Part 2

At week 16 I was able to see Baby Swo again, with Auntie Linda!  We attempted to find out the gender, but here is how Baby Swo responded:

So not interested in helping Mama out!

My Pregnancy Part 2

 At 20 weeks I am starting to pop out, I rolled with glee on the floor after one of my awesome friends gifted me a pair of maternity shorts.  For so long I tried to wear my regular clothes with just a belly band. Well folks, for me, Hawaii is TOO DANG HOT for belly bands! Whew! The new shorts and starting to shop for my new body is making me feel better confidence-wise AND with comfort.

My Pregnancy Part 2

I’ve said it before, but it is hard to believe I’m halfway through this journey already.  I’ll now be posting monthly with pictures and updates on how it is all going.  Yes, we know the gender now, but we are keeping it to ourselves for a bit longer;)

Missing something? The first part of the journey is linked here.