Quick No-Bake Energy Balls

Happy Halloween! I had to celebrate today by whipping up a quick batch of one of my newest favorite recipes! Major props to my chef friend Miranda for introducing me to these gems and teaching me how to make them! Thank you so much;)

Watch out if you make these at home, it is spooky how quickly they can disappear…

No Bake Energy Balls

 1 cup peanut butter: fresh ground is best!

1/2 cup flax seed

1/2 cup oats (optional, I did not use)

1/4 cup shredded coconut

3 Tbsp chia seeds

2 Tbsp protein powder (I omitted as I could not find a prego-safe version)

1/4 cup dark unsweetened chocolate chips

1/4 cup dried fruit (optional)

1/3 cup raw honey

Blend until mixed, roll into balls, and refrigerate.

Try not to eat them too fast!

YUM and Happy Halloween!

You CAN Teach a NON-TECH Dog New Tricks

New Image Resize Cali


Okay, I had to make this a SECOND POST kind of Thursday and incorporate my Travel Throwback Thursday all in ONE.

The CAPS are to truly encompass how EXCITED I am.

If you want to skip my revelation moment, you can head straight to This FUN Throwback Travel Post about the Wishlist Shop in Carlsbad, CA.

Want to read more about me getting pumped about tech time? Go below…

All this week I’ve been diving deep into my blogging course.  I’m trying to learn a whole new set of skills.  I felt more motivated than ever especially after Tuesday night, where I spent 1.5 hours banging my head on my desk because I could not figure out WHY oh WHY my site was not working.  I am not tech-savvy.  I’ve surely improved over the course of the year, but I still feel like I’m lacking the skills to make this the blog I want it to be.  It’s really been tough to feel like I want this to be the place for my vision, my voice, and yet without a tech background, I feel lost when things go down.  The creative, work-ethic, excited about writing part I HAVE.  This other business I don’t.

But it’s catching up to me.  I think part of the reason my site runs slowly is that I just figured out my images aren’t being sized properly. Curses.  Many experienced bloggers and web designers are out there rolling their eyes at me I’m sure for not really realizing I was doing this poorly, but there it is.  During this whole process I’ve had to admit I have weaknesses.  I was sitting on them before, thinking “I’ll never understand that”. Until this week.

I’ve finally felt fed up enough that I said “ENOUGH!” I’m moving forward. I’m learning.

Above, MY FIRST COMPRESSED IMAGE.  I did it all by myself.  I sized it, edited it, made it screen-friendly. I downloaded a program after reading a researching a scratching my brain that resizes my images for the internet.  I still need to figure out how to make them BIGGER, glossier, and more like the ones I see on some of my favorite pages, but this is step one.

You can teach a non-tech dog new tricks.  She’s going to KEEP learning.

Week 28 and How FitBit is AWESOME

I am now in Week 28 of my pregnancy.  Where has the time gone?! It has flown by and now I’m really starting to “pop”.  My feet feel very far away, and I’ve started contemplating how serious it is to pick something up of the floor when I drop it, or if it can just linger there a little longer;)

A BIG part of my journey has been admitting that my super-woman-active-lifestyle needed toning down a bit.  I could not wrap my mind around how to do this without guilt or stress.  Working out makes me feel GOOD. I love the endorphin high of a sweat session.  It pumps me up and keeps my head in the game.  I started seeing my pregnant body as limited, which made me feel depressed.

I needed to see it as limitless.

Week 28 and Fit Bit

The truth is, I’m growing a PERSON. That is AMAZING. She is going to be awesome, and the fact that my body can do this really rules.  Instead of feeling terrible about how I “used to do things” I needed a new NOW.

My new now has involved the use of the FitBit.  I bought the Zip, which only monitors steps/distance/calories.  I can still log food/sleep/etc in my fitbit online dashboard, but for the moment I wanted to keep it simple.  I also seriously do not want to know how I’m sleeping, especially in the newborn months, when sleep is a hot commodity!

I have to say my Zip is getting me out the door WAY more than I thought it would.  I feel motivated, and accountable all day long to hit my total steps.  My goal has been 10, 000 a day, and only two days have I gone under due to back/foot pain.  If I feel good, I get out there.  I walk, because it is kind on my body right now, it is a way for me to be active and enjoy my surroundings.  The air clears my head and I feel that sense of accomplishment from my new “workout walk” program.

It is also amazing how quickly it adds up.

My totals for a 10 day period from October 17th to October 27th:

Steps: 122, 582.  Average of 12,258 steps a day

Grand total of 55 miles.

That to me is something to CELEBRATE.  A way to overcome the next couple of months and set a new normal.

Week 28 and the Third Trimester, here we come!

The Countdown Begins!

Hey all! Notice a little something different with my images? I do…and it’s a learning curve that’s happening over here.  My blog has been running slow, and whilst I’m trying to fix it (shout out to the Go Daddy team that was on a long problem-solving phone call with me yesterday~ Thanks!) and still stay up and running, I’m doing whatever I can to have a Project Runway “make it work” situation.  Blogging, sometimes not for the feint of heart of lack of time:( Boo.

However I want to keep sharing the GOOD and one of the BEST things lately is that we have an “official” date when the R-man gets home.  By official I mean a week in which he could appear, but I counted the days down to that week and I’m embracing the COUNTDOWN!  I decided to make it fun for myself and shredded up a little newspaper…

The Countdown Begins!

I’ve formed it into chains and placed it in one of my pretty vases.

The Countdown Begins!

The Countdown Begins!


Every couple of days, I’m removing links and crumbling them to the bottom.  Another day bites the dust!

The Countdown Begins!


Laid out in pretty little loops, it does not look like we have a lot of time left!  I love getting a step closer to completing this chapter, and knowing that it will all be worth the wait.

CEUs: or, Continue Your Education for YOU

I just attended the Zumba Pro Skills class this month and fell back in love with teaching Zumba Fitness.  Now wait, wait, WAIT a minute if you are not a Zumba lover, stay with me!  Don’t click away just yet.  This post is not about how much Z-style you can get, it’s about finding your passions in life and pursuing them.

I’m writing this for those of us that want to keep learning, growing, and expanding ourselves.  Whether it be a new book you check out (challenging yourself to read more non-fiction, or the latter?) or you completely change the course of your life all together…these thoughts are for you! I have a big story to tell about my switch from professional dancer to teacher, but that is better saved for another day.

Today I want to focus on CEUs.  Continuing Education Units.

Zumba Lindsay

What made you want to continue your education?

I became a certified group-exercise Aerobics and Fitness Association of America instructor back in the summer of 2013.  I had to get the certification to apply for the gym job I was seeking.  Through the course I found within myself a re-awakening.  My head was back in a text book.  I was taking online quizzes, studying, taking notes…and loving it.  I should have realized then that I will forever be a student at heart.  I just love to learn and work on projects.  Helllllo, look at the hours and time I pour into my own “blog assignments” like this current one I’m typing away!

AFAA requires you to obtain a certain amount of CEUs per year.  Some instructors grumble over it, but I have found it truly inspiring.  As a group ex instructor and dance teacher (and independent contractor in those fields), much of my continued learning is on ME.  My work does not pay to send me off to big conferences so that I can meet and mingle with fellow instructors.  The acquiring of new techniques is a drive that has to come from within me.  I have to put a priority on my own Continued Education, finance it, and make it happen.

How can you make the financial burden less?

I can say it has not been easy.  I hate the pain of spending money on extras, especially when the account can be tight at times.  However I’ve realized that it is my reality.  I have to work towards continuing my education, and I have to make it a priority.  So, my husband and I decided that for both of us, we would set aside money each month specifically for “business”.  For him, this usually includes uniforms and gear.  For me, this includes tuition for classes/conferences.  We don’t spend the max amount every month, so that way it is saved for when a bigger need comes along.

I don’t have the time

We are all insanely busy.  I get that.  I also know I’ll probably have a million different thoughts on this when I greet my newborn in *gulp* about 12 weeks time.  But I do hope to remain true to the need to keep investing in me.  I think it is a great gift I can give my child, teaching her about how to pursue dreams and ambitions.  If it means enough, I’ll do it.  It might mean staying up late, waking early, squeezing in a study break, but if the will is there, there is a way.

Beyond the Fitness/Dance “stuff”…PASSIONS!

I’m not just talking about life as a teacher in the fitness/dance industry with CEUs.  I also see my passions as investments.  I am currently enrolled in an online blog course that is helping me develop my writing skills (how am I doing? haha), I have hopes to pursue the free language program through our library, utilize our local Whole Foods culinary classes, enroll in another blogging course about HTML code, taking a more intensive sewing class…the list of interests goes on and on.

Bottom Line: Keep EDUCATING yourself.  No matter what the specific field you find interesting, keep at it.  I tend to do even better work when I’m stretching myself to try and do new things.  When I work to expand myself, my current work ethic grows and I find myself feeling more productive.  I can’t WAIT to start looking for my newest “class” or workshop to attend, because I will walk out of it a better me.

Hawaiian Life Lately: Go Bows!

I was so fortunate this weekend to go to my first University of Hawaii game! Although my heart shall always say “Go BUCKS!” this weekend I made an exception and cheered on the Rainbow Warriors instead.

My main reason for going was this pretty little lady, below!

Hawaii Game1

Chantel is a former student/teacher at CAPA, and our worlds have both collided here in Hawaii! She’s a UH Rainbow Dancer, and looked so beautiful before the game and whilst taking the field!  It constantly amazes me that being a teacher is a gift that keeps on giving.  I love seeing the “kids” grow up and go on to pursue their own unique dreams.

It was Homecoming weekend, so the band wore a crazy compilation of costumes. Our favorites included the airplanes, dancing tubas, and hot dogs on the field.

I also loved the time spent with her Mama, Sue.  There are such good people in this world;) I’ve very much felt lately that it is a time to be grateful, to count my blessings.  I am lucky to have “family” all over, and reuniting with them, even for a short time, is so special!

Hawaii Game

Go Bows!

Getting Inspired 6

My hopes in sharing these links with you today is that you might take a moment to read and feel that crazy inspiration lightening strike, or start working toward it!  These are in no way works of mine, but I respect the authors, masterminds, behind them and thank them for putting them out in the universe to be enjoyed!

I loved the quote above and immediately added it to my Pinterest Board on Uplifting Quotes.  Keep on LIVING and SHOW UP!

I’ve been all over TED again lately.  I love tuning into a few talks, just for the thrill of discovery.  I walk away feeling refreshed, and sometimes a bit misty-eyed like after Mac Burnett’s talk on Why a Good Book is a Secret Door.  I hope you love it too.

The Drive to Keep Creating was marvelous as well.  Elizabeth Gilbert has such awesome advice on getting out and keeping at it.  Pursuing what you love will keep you on the right path, it will keep you on the road to “home”.

I’m obsessed with this new series! A Beautiful Mess just started Scrapbook Sundays and I can not wait to start exploring some “non-traditional” techniques with my own scrapbooks.  Check out the first post about gorgeous water color cards with stamp ink.

I found H2O Bungalow through Bloglovin, and was delighted to find another military spouse out on the blogosphere, making wonderful things! This Faux Painted Cargo Furniture blew my mind and made wicker cool for me all over again! 

Here’s to an inspired week ahead!


10 Random Fun Facts About Me Right NOW

Hello there Saturday!  I’ve had some fun little factoids kickin around in my brain recently, so I thought I’d share the weird.

10 Random Fun Facts

10 Random Fun Facts About Me Right NOW

1. I don’t understand the pregnancy craving deal.  I don’t have any crazy cravings.  My main qualm in pregnancy has been an aversion to raw chicken (touch, smell, ewww).  I can eat a fixed chicken, but trying to make it on my own has been a task.  I never really ate red meat before, but I have been wanting that.  I believe my body’s telling me to get after that iron, so I have been.

2. Are you an Amazon Prime Member?  I really, really love the pre-made playlists.  Especially the Feel Good Country one, which is hilarious because I’m not really a big country music fan.  For some reason I’ve just been into it lately.  It feels happy, light, ‘merican.

3. My go-to I don’t want to cook meal: a rotisserie chicken from Whole Foods with bread and cheese (perhaps a tasty dip).

4. When I get home and haven’t hit my Fitbit steps for the day, I make crazy laps around my apartment.

5.  I gave up caffeine for pregnancy.  I don’t really miss it.  I still drink decaf coffee (which I know has a little in it) but this is a big step for the gal that used to LIVE for an afternoon pick-me-up.

6. I recently went to Costco for the first time.  I felt like that episode of Modern Family when Mitchell makes fun of Cam for liking those stores…then runs around trying to buy everything.  I wanted to stock up on ALL THE THINGS.

7.  I’m finally back on the Downtown Abbey train and it really makes me want to clean my house and cook.  Subliminal messaging?

8. I’m enjoying every day of sleeping in while I can.

9. Seeing Christmas decorations up in stores makes me REALLY HAPPY.

10. I have extreme to-do lists.  I love them.  They don’t make me stressed, they just make me want to conquer.

What’s a random fact about you lately?

52 Weeks of Happy: 42

Hooray to Friday and a Happy Week 42!  I’ve had a great time this past week, and I can’t put my finger on any one thing in particular, just a lot of little lovelies that have made the days feel merry and bright. (yes, I can’t wait for Christmas!) Here’s the culmination of smiles:

My mama sent another beautiful package this time with three more little Lindsay outfits, books, cute fabric books she made and a lot of love. My mama always includes little notes with all her stuff.  I LOVE that.  I’ve started doing it with my packages too, it’s just awesome to read her thoughts on what she sends.  Love you mom and dad. If I can do the same job of loving Ev as you do loving me, we’re set.

52 Weeks of Happy

A wee Lindsay in her outfit. Can’t WAIT to see Ev in this and have the photos side by side;)!!

52 Weeks of Happy

Also in the package: MOUSIE!!

I shriek-laugh-cried when I found her in the box.  This was my FAVORITE stuffed animal of all time.  I actually snuggled with her whilst watching Downtown Abbey the other night.  A super-serious blessing to have her around again!

52 Weeks of Happy

The grocery store finally had a HUGE shipment of CANNED PUMPKIN! I’m a pumpkin nut this time of year, so the fact that I could finally find it was a joy.  I’ve been making pumpkin things with cans my mom sent me;)

On that note, another HAPPY: I went to my first spouse-event in a long while.  It was awesome to reconnect with some old friends and meet some new ladies that have just moved to the island.  I also won third place in the dessert contest with my mama-sent canned pumpkin made chocolate bars.  YAY! A little free body butter and body wash never hurt my spirit.

52 Weeks of Happy

My Fitbit has been in ACTION! I love it!!! I really, really believe it has been a catalyst to keep me moving through this pregnancy.  I’ll be doing a whole post on it soon, but bottom line is that it ROCKS and I am feeling so good moving forward with a more walk-friendly workout.

52 Weeks of Happy

Other Happy notes: I had a great long video chat with the Ry-man on Tuesday!

I walked in the POURING RAIN on Wednesday and it was GLORIOUS. It is the coolest I’ve been in weeks!

I was a little sewing-elf this week and am finally getting those handmade Christmas presents ready to go.

Now I’m chugging into the weekend full-steam ahead.  Sending you love wherever you are and wish you a wonderful Week 43.

Travel Throwback Thursday: Oktoberfest (in MAY)

As it is October, I had to do a Travel Throwback to our time in GERMANY in honor of Oktoberfest.  We actually attended Fruhlingsfest, or “Springsfest” as we were in the country in May, but hey…beer is still good no matter what time of year.  Except currently because I’m pregnant.  But I look forward to beer in the future!

We stayed in Munich and Rothenburg whilst we were in Germany.  I loved both, for the long, leisurely days of wandering and popping into a beer hall for sausage, a BIG brew, and then napping it off till night time.

Germany! Germany! Germany!

The man loved the meals and brews too! I attached links to the very “traditional” and sweet looking Rothenburg! I hope to return to Germany again one day, but until then, we always have the memories and photos to reminisce with;)

Medieval Magic: Rothenburg Pt. 1

Wandering Around: Rothenburg Pt. 2

Walking the Wall: Rothenburg Pt. 3

Happy Travels!