This Blog, Baby, and Mama are on VACATION!

Baby E. and I are hitting the road and the skies for a big summer adventure.  I’ll be sharing all about it after we return.  Until then, send us your thoughts, prayers, wishes for safe travels and a little extra love to the Mama that’ll be toting this baby across the earth with her;)

It’s hard to believe that I didn’t even get on a plane until I was 18 years old.  My girl is doing it at 5 months.  We’re living in different times.  Evelyn is now officially the third suitcase on board this family train!
See You SOON

See you soon! xoxolindsay&littletraveler

Sweet Summer Sundays: Take 4

This past weekend was HOT HOT HOT. I forgot the brutal beginning of summers in Hawaii.  We’ve been huddled in Evelyn’s room, she has an awesome window unit air conditioner, and playing in there.  We’ve also been hitting the roads early for morning walks.  My sister and brother in law kicked my booty this weekend on the workout front. We were all engaged in another Fitbit competition, called the Weekend Warrior. They both gave me a run for my money! I had to walk an extra 10,000 + steps to beat them out. It was fun and really motivating.   Usually on the weekend I go more into “relax” mode and just try to hit my daily goal.  It was great to be pushed beyond that with people I love cheering me on from across the miles.

Even with the heat, my little lady kept smiling, and we discovered the beauty of measuring cups:
Summer Sundays 4

Morning walk shots: 
Summer Sundays 4 Summer Sundays 4 Summer Sundays 4

We spent the rest of our time preparing for our next big adventure.  I’ll be talking about it once we get back, but know that it includes a loooong flight and a very special treasure at the end.

Summer Sundays 4

It sounds funny, but all the walking, pushing through the heat, caring for this little lovey has me feeling motivated.  I’ve been really scared, anxious, stressed about our upcoming journey.  I still am.  But we’re doing it.  We have to just do it.  There’s a quote on Evelyn’s wall that says “She believed she could, so she DID”.  I have been like the Little Engine that Could all week, repeating “I think I can, I think I can.” But I can’t think anymore. It’s time to DO.

I know I can. I know I can.

52 Weeks of Happy 2015: 25

Hello lovelies! Another week of 2015 has hit the dust.  We are hanging in around here, counting down to our next BIG adventure and feeling very grateful to have had Katie with us for a week!  I am of course missing her greatly, as we get older it feels harder and harder to say goodbye.  I think it’s because we know how precious time is now, our lives change so much in between the moments we see one another…and because it is SO GOOD when we are together.  Some day, maybe in my dreams, we will be just a car ride away and not miles and miles in the sky;) Love you girl.

On the upside, we had an amazing time that I can’t wait to share with pictures soon.  Baby lady has remained my cheerful beacon of delight, and I’m reminded daily of how special this time is.  I certainly adore you little one:

52 Weeks of Happy 2015

My other HAPPY highlights include:

I stomped my bro-in-law in a Fit Bit daily competition. It was REALLY fun and I’m glad we did it. Both of us were racing via our devices in Hawaii and Texas. Such a cool connection and idea.  I definitely pushed myself harder because I wanted to claim a win.

I carved out a mommy moment and went to hot yoga! Mind, body, connected.

A few awesome phone calls with Ry guy make it feel like we’re not so far away.

I realized I’m almost at 2 months into this deployment.  Which means I’ve made it 2 months.  Before Katie arrived, baby and I had been solo for 3 weeks. This makes me proud. This reminds me that I can do this. I’m DOING this.

Week 26, we are on the way!

5.3 Million Steps to 30: 8 Month Update

As of June 22nd, 2015:

I’ve been stepping it out since October 17th, 2014

287 days remain

I’ve walked 2, 394, 047 steps

That’s about 1, 054 miles over 8 months!

I have 2, 905, 953 steps to go!  That means I need to average 10, 125 steps a day to make my goal on time.

5.3 Million Steps


It is tremendously exciting to see that I am now in the 2 millions! This challenge remains one that I chip away at each day.  I walk those extra laps around my apartment if I’m not at my number.  I celebrate when my Fitbit vibrates and lets me know I hit my daily goal.  I push for one last walk of the day. I push to get up and get baby and I ready for our mommy fitness class. It feels great to be doing this.  I know I still have 9 + months to go, 287 days, and every day counts.

I also feel crazy good about this month because I did it on my own steam.  Mom and Dad were gone, Katie was here for one week to cheer me on, but the rest of the time I rocked it out solo.  I feel like I’m slowly working at getting my prebaby body back, and at improving my overall level of fitness.  Those quiet moments with the stroller, walking through the neighborhood have become hallowed moments of “me” time.  This challenge is a blessing, a daily reminder that getting going, getting active, can change my outlook on the day and gets my not only my blood going, but my smile lifting even higher.  As July approaches, I’m testing myself out for the first time on a vacation.  I’ll strike a balance somehow, but I know it’ll be another layer to this challenge.

I can do this. One step at a time.

Growing Girl: Weeks 16-20

Hello little one.  This project remains a highlight for me. Every week we take a few extra minutes to just be together, you, me, the camera lens, and your growing personality.  There is such a sweetness to how you are changing.  Sweet in the way that I love to watch you evolve. Bittersweet in the fact that with each day that passes, you are a different baby on her way to becoming a little girl.  Of course, we are blessed with each day that we do spend together, growing.  The theme of weeks 16-20 would have to be confidence.

You are more confident in all things baby.  You know what you want, and how to tell me.  You still love moving, I can’t even imagine trying to keep you down!  There is a new confidence in me, too.  As your mama, I think we are making a pretty good team.

Evelyn: Weeks 16-20 Photography Project
Growing Girl Series Growing Girl Series Growing Girl Series Growing Girl Series Growing Girl Series Growing Girl Series Growing Girl Series Growing Girl Series

Growing Girl Series Growing Girl Series


Weeks 16-20 I want to remember:

How you now laugh.  Oh my, baby girl how I will work for that laugh! It is bottled joy.

We stumbled upon the song “Wipe Out” by Sufaris and you ADORE it.  My beach baby!

The most frequent comments we get when people see you are: “The HAIR! Those EYES and CHEEKS! She looks like a cabbage patch doll;)”

You adore hanging out with Mommy and playing, but you can also start to occupy yourself.  This is a great help, as mommy only has these two hands to keep our lives rolling on track!

When Daddy calls you coo at him, you smile at the screen, and I believe you know that it is him.

You are now rolling over. You like to now sleep on your side or your belly (the first time to my frightened horror!).

When I sing, you sometimes work very hard to join me.

You have your first tooth.  Snowmygoodnessitscute.

If you are upset, going outside calms you down pretty quickly.  Thank goodness for those chill palm trees we have surrounding our house!

When I’m carrying you, you love to push back just far enough that you can see my face. You then study it with loving certainty that I am your “person”. You put your hands on the sides of my face and just gaze at me. My heart melts EVERY TIME.

Your hands are working, holding, grabbing.  You also love to sit at the table now and with a puzzled look, watch me shovel food in my mouth.  I think you’ll be ready to try some of your own first bites soon. The foodie within me is verrrry excited.

You are mine, I am yours.  I was nervous about having Daddy, Nana, and Pacha leave. But each day, we are making it along little one. I miss them all, but I’m glad I have this time with you. Your daddy loves you so much, he is so strong to have to be away from us.

I could write a book with all the small nuances I see in you.  You are my sunshine.

Keep growing girl, we love you.

52 Weeks of Happy 2015: 24

Week 24 of 2015 is amazing.  All because of this girl:
52 Weeks of Happy 2015: 24

Evelyn’s Godmother is HERE! My girls are together!  I am absolutely adoring every minute.  I am continuously thankful that I have Katie in my life.  After nine amazing years of friendship (thus far) she is a gift that keeps giving to my heart, spirit, and LIFE.  I think I felt a little insecure about how my “prebaby” friendships would hold up.  What a laugh now.  How I could even question if this would change us…it seems trivial and silly now.  We are constantly changing as women, but our bond remains, even stronger over time.

52 Weeks of Happy 2015: 24 52 Weeks of Happy 2015: 24 52 Weeks of Happy 2015: 24

Sharing the joys, pains, and changes that life has to offer is part of the beauty of having a real friend.  Even now my little girl, I’m praying you find the other half of your heart in a friend like Katie someday.  It makes each day brighter to have someone like her.  Someone to laugh, cry, and grow with.  Katie, I’m so happy you are here.

Sweet Summer Sundays: Take 3

Oh my goodness, this GIRL! I am loving this little summer-side project. It is great to whip out my real-deal camera and snap some photos of our everyday life together this Hawaiian summer.

This past weekend included LOTS of SMILES. She is such a happy, cheerful baby.  I am delighted by her constantly.  She also popped her first TOOTH this weekend! Hello little chomper;)

summer sundays

An epic battle to wiggle to the kitty ensued:

summer sundays
summer sundays

We also had a wonderful Saturday afternoon picnic at the beach park with M & K.  I adore outdoor mama friends, time spent enjoying our kiddos AND relaxing!

summer sundays

The rest of our weekend was spent in a dusty, sweaty, take-breaks-to-play time.  I completely overhauled the house with Katie coming in to town.  No, my friends and family do not care one speck if my house is clean, but it gives me GREAT motivation to get it clean!

summer sundays

This upcoming weekend will be spent not just with two, but with THREE! I am so excited to share this little lady;)

Slice of Life Lately: 2

Welcome back to a series that is just getting started, but I already love.  Slice of Life is my essential photo dump of all the cute photos that I round up on my cameras.  Before our next awesome visitor (KATIE!) arrives tomorrow, I had fun searching through the last…okay, there’s seriously tons more, but the last for now photos of Nana and Pacha being here in Hawaii.


Tiny hand, with her Grandfather’s hand.  Beautiful generations.

slice of life lately slice of life lately

Hot, but scenic hikes.

20150426_085723 slice of life lately

That baby girl o’mine, being cute as can be!

slice of life lately

Photos taken before her first night in her BIG girl bed!

slice of life lately slice of life lately

We’ll be seeing you soon, so much love across the miles until then.

slice of life lately slice of life lately

Palm trees through the window remain endlessly entertaining to gaze at.

slice of life lately slice of life lately


The face that brightens my day.

Life Lately also means:

Mornings where I wake up first I treasure.  A quiet cup of coffee is a little piece of heaven.

Scorching sunlight = great weather to dry clothing in.

Workouts every morning.

Gleefully ripping up our paper chain countdowns.

Hope you have a delicious slice of life lately too;)

Easy (and Adorable!) Father’s Day Gift

I adored making this project.  Although we have to spend Father’s day away from our man of the hour this year, he is still on our mind’s and hearts every day.  There’s not a moment that passes around this house where I don’t miss him, but we are really making it work the best way we can.

That being said, I wanted to make a personal project for him this Father’s Day. A little glimpse, a piece of his little lady to hold onto when she may not be in his arms.  If you want to make your own, it is so incredibly easy (and hello mommies, who doesn’t need easy these days?!):

We used: 5×7 canvas.  Acrylic paint I already had.  A sharpie.  Some mad feet pressing skills.  Seriously. That was the hardest part, was getting a clean foot print.  My friend Miranda actually helped me, and we finally got two winning ones!  I then adorned it with a heart in between, and found the cutest quote:

Father's day 2015

Evelyn was proud of her art work for sure! How can her little self have those big ol’ feet?! Haha, so cute my baby girl!

Father's day 2015

We love you so much Daddy. Happy Father’s Day from us to YOU!

Sweet Summer Sundays: Take 2

Our weekend was bright, HOT, and packed with mommy-daughter time, focusing on CHORES! Thankfully baby lady is amazing at hanging out and watching mama zoom by with laundry/vacuum/dusting + gurgle at me whilst cooking.  I cheated a bit this post, and threw in pictures from both Saturday AND Sunday!

summer sundays summer sundays

As I was sipping coffee on Sunday morning, I caught her first ever official roll over on camera! So sweet and surreal!

summer sundays summer sundays

I was so jazzed by the rolling, and the weather was slightly cooler than smoldering, that I took our breakfast to the back yard.

summer sundays

“Hey mom…whatcha eating?”

summer sundays

We then opened an awesomely beautiful package from my sis-in-law.  Ev adores her hippo! We can’t wait to wear our super-baby outfits too!

summer sundays

Then we hit the road for a mommy moment.  I ran a 3 mile loop, doing ladders again.  Walk 1 min, run 1, building up to 4 mins this time and then back down.  With my warm up and cool down it was a grueling but good 45 minute workout. Getting back in shape and feeling strong has been a highlight for me these past couple of months.

summer sundays

Another highlight: this little girl loves hanging on mom even when I’m sweaty.

summer sundays


Not sure what adventures await us just yet this weekend, but I know we will be on the hunt for some good times and great smiles.