Waking up in Utah

I love waking up to multiple posts in my box, ready with photos and ready to be written. I love it even more when they are in the process of capturing recent adventures.

Last week I enjoyed a beautiful week in Utah with my mom, dad, sister and her family.  On the second morning there, my dad and I wandered from the hotel into a gorgeous mountainside neighborhood.  From there it was all about good conversation, warm coffees in hand, and the freshest, pine-scented air.

Morning in Utah Morning in Utah Morning in Utah Morning in Utah Morning in Utah Morning in Utah Morning in Utah

As an adult, I’ve grown to appreciate and adore the quiet simplicity of mornings.  I love waking up before everyone else to take in a moment just for me.  Our morning walk in Utah kicked off the trip right, the week would be filled with kid-energy balanced with relaxing adult evenings on the porch.  I can’t wait to explore both over the next few posts.

Happy Friday!

Part of Your World

You know you have it made when you can belt out Disney tunes with your bestie.  When she packs a vegetable spiralizer and the two of you can’t get enough of cooking together in the kitchen.  When you can sit silently on beach towels, just happily enjoying the sea and company.

Oh Kate, I miss you already doll, but it was so good to see your smiling face in person for one shining week! Our final activities are included below.

Kate Visit

Gazing out at the ocean blue from the Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail, and sweating it out on our way up.

Kate Visit Kate Visit Kate Visit

I’ve said it once, but I am still reveling in it: having visitors here makes me appreciate this island all the more.  The beauty, the pace, the overall healing vibe of this place.

Kate Visit Kate Visit Kate Visit Kate Visit

Spiralized zucchini, below.  I can not WAIT to order one for our kitchen!

Kate Visit

A fabulous girl’s night out.  I loved having another lady in the house to get ready with as well.  Music up, make up spread across the counter and two gals sharing mirror space.  It is the little things that make life that much more swell.

Kate Visit Kate Visit

It is a tricky thing to have so many of my great loves spread across the world, but it is incredibly sweet when we do get together.  I also feel lucky that even if we aren’t in the same town, state, or even continent we are making it work.  Life is good when I get to be A Part of Your World, near and far.

LOST at Manoa Falls

As I said last night, I feel like there are many wonderful summer stories to share over the next few weeks on the blog.

One of the finest was the surprise trip my friend Kate was able to arrange so she could stop through Hawaii.  We both had our fingers crossed that we would be able to be together again this year, and I am beyond happy it happened.  Our experience in Korea together forever shaped us and our friendship, she shall always be my Seoulmate.

She came to Hawaii with only one plan: RELAX. We did a lot of that on the beach and cooking together in my kitchen.  But we also took to the trails.  You can’t visit Oahu and not go to Manoa Falls. The untamed jungle surrounding the path and foggy rain that constantly pours from the sky and trees adds to the mysterious atmosphere.  It is also one of the shooting sights for LOST.

Lost at Manoa

I did not know this about Kate, but the girl is a Lost Fanatic.  After we bought ever-so-stylish ponchos from the trail store, the hike became perfection.

Lost at Manoa Lost at Manoa Lost at Manoa

I am still far from tired of introducing visitors to my favorite sights here.  It is amusing to see it all through their eyes, and in this case, discuss in depth the many seasons and special scenes of Lost, which I admit loosing interest in after the third season…;)

A Month of MAGIC

July Magic1

Tonight I sit back in my apartment solo, after two weeks packed with reunions, adventures, and so much smiling my face hurts like a Disney employee.

As I dip my feet back into my blog world this evening, I wanted to look back on the goals I set for myself this month, just to see how I am doing with 10 days left to go.  Here’s what I dreamed of for July:

July 2014

1. Live it up with your visitors on island and off.: YES. I can’t wait to share all of my stories, and get ready for one more visitor this month!

2. You’ve found your blogging feet. Keep them.  3 posts a week.: Derp. Nope. But I think I can make up for it with a wild goal of a post every day!

3. Enjoy the moment, not what lies ahead.: YES. I am constantly reminding myself to JUST BE. It is a good place for me to live in.


This month has been MAGICAL. I can not be more thankful for all the moments of fierce, untamed JOY.  Over the next few weeks get PUMPED for day after day of pretty pics, precious stories, and moments that have made my summer.

How is your summer shaping up? Did you harness any goals or dreams?

the possibility of adventure in every day, lindsay

A Day in the Life of: Matthew, Clowning Around!

Matthew Belopavlovich Headshot

It has been awhile since my last Day in the Life.  Today we are back and on the road for a very exciting journey.  Meet Matthew Belopavlovich, a real circus clown.

Honestly, what an amazing job! Matthew was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin and holds a BFA in Acting from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  Belopavlovich recently completed his first international tour with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. He is currently on tour with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey presents LEGENDS as a member of the world famous blue unit clown alley.


Matthew granted us a great honor, we get to come along with him on World Circus Day!
new job

From Matthew: “I am a professional actor, theatre educator and clown. My career highlights include teaching at the Patel Conservatory, performing with Orlando Repertory Theatre and touring with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. During my free time, I enjoy reading plays, building rides on Rollercoaster Tycoon, watching scary movies with my fiancé and listening to country music. I would like to go back to school and earn my MFA in Arts Administration in the near future and dream of starting my own theatre company one day.”

*All photos and captions are provided by Matthew


10:45 AM – Just finished applying my makeup and am ready to get into costume.


10:50 AM – Waiting for the promoters to pick us up at the venue.


11:00 AM – How many clowns can you fit in the show van?


11:05 AM – Scarlett and I on our way to the World Circus Day PR at Bryan Elementary.


11:15 AM – Just arrived at Bryan Elementary in Hampton, Virginia.


11:25 AM – Hanging out with Gunnar backstage before the performance.


11:55 AM – Taking a World Circus Day group photo with the students and performers.


12:10 PM – Leaving the PR venue.


1:00 PM – Lunch time at my makeup table.


1:50 PM – Time to put on my costume for the afternoon All Access Pre-Show.


1:55 PM – Putting on my microphone.


1:57 PM – Everyone’s ready for The Greatest Pre-show on Earth!


1:59 PM – Waiting at the sound booth to call pre-show.


5:30 PM – Ordering dinner at the Pie Car.


8:00 PM – Preparing the drums for the Spec Parade during the evening performance.


10:25 PM – Leaving the Hampton Coliseum.


10:40 PM – Time to go home on the show bus.



11:00 PM – Home Sweet Home, the Ringling Bros. Circus train.

I want to thank Matthew for the time and effort it took to capture this day, and for taking us on a wild adventure.  I have always been curious of what it would be like to run off and join the circus, now at least for a few hours, I was allowed a sneak peek! 

America Day

4th of July weekend 2014 included:

Amazing beach time

Great meals

Fireworks from my porch

A lovely hike

…and hiding a Canadian in an American flag tank top.

It was amazing to have Kate in town for Independence Day, after all, we were together for a CandAmerica Day celebration in Seoul, July 2012.  This 4th, we celebrated by jumping on the Paradise Pedals party bike in downtown Honolulu.

July 4th 2014

With matching tanks and one fabulous Maica along, it was a crazy fun journey to different bars, pedaling past wild traffic and listening to some booming jams.

July 4th 2014 July 4th 2014 July 4th 2014 July 4th 2014

There might have been spontaneous dance parties as well.

Kate and I made a wonderful dinner that night with grass-fed beef burgers from Whole Foods, fresh corn on the cob, and a delightful cabbage coleslaw.  A cherry tart and fireworks from my porch ended the evening.  Perfection.

 I missed my Marine, but we had a great time last year at the One Republic concert and this year he is doing his duty on deployment.  I’m proud of you and how you serve this country every day babe.

The Kate-Lindsay adventures get to continue the rest of this week;) Hope your fourth was just as FUN!

Hello Guests

With my most recent guest sitting in my home right now taking a rest, I thought tonight would be the perfect time to introduce the changes I’ve made to our guestroom!

After doing some serious cleaning and organizing I finally was able to get down to the fun part, decorating.

guest bedroom

I made a make-shift headboard out of turquoise frames, scrapbook paper, and clock pieces we picked up in a vintage store in Paris.

guest bedroom guest bedroom

It added just the right casual, homey touch above the blow-up air mattress.  We need the room to stay functional, so I also popped up my sewing table for a nightstand, and found a few relaxing light pieces.

guest bedroom guest bedroom

With our books cleaned up and hidden in bins to keep the room from feeling too cluttered, new artwork, our rustic barn wood mirror, and a few fluttering butterflies collected on a trip to the red wood forests of California, this space finally has all I wanted:

Style, function, a relaxing vibe, and decorative details with stories all their own.

guest bedroom guest bedroom guest bedroom guest bedroom

Life is good here in Hawaii, and I think my guests (those that have been here and those yet to arrive) agree!

July Jubilee

I had to look up the definition of “jubilee” to make certain it would fit this month.  I found a definition that read: a special anniversary of an event.  Does reconnecting with several of my greatest friends and family members count?? It is THE month for these events.  I could not be more thrilled for the upcoming reunions.  Some I’m welcoming to island life, and the others I shall meet for a little wanderlust back on the mainland.

July is going to be a rocking Jubilee.

These are but a few of the faces I can not wait to smile at in person…let alone give them HUGE HUGS.

July Jubilee

July reunions July Reunions July Reunions

With all of this joy ahead, I’m having a hard time setting goals for myself this month. Let’s peruse last month’s accomplishments and then perhaps I’ll feel more inclined.

June 2014 Wishes and Dreams:

  1. Complete 2 craft projects with Mama: DONE! We slip-covered a chair, started a quilt AND made a new kitchen curtain
  2. 10 cards/letters out: 7/10 ain’t too shabby
  3. Try a new yoga studio: Nope. Coming soon?
  4. Organize Summer Teaching binder/music/ideas: YES! My pre-planning took the summer intensives down a notch, and made them summer-manageable
  5. Wandering Gal activities: 3: Yes. I found my feet and my saunter by myself attitude;)
  6. Stay UNDER budget: YES. Ready to make this happen for the rest of the year, it felt so good.
  7. Re-arrange/relax the bedroom: YES. Still want to add a few other touches, but I’m loving our new layout.
  8. Create a deployment dream list project: In my journal, project incomplete.

Most months I need a list of to-dos.  I need projects to craft and ideas to cultivate. But this month, I want to soak in the time with others.  I want to simplify and live it up. Thus leading to my July Goals:

July 2014

1. Live it up with your visitors on island and off.

2. You’ve found your blogging feet. Keep them.  3 posts a week.

3. Enjoy the moment, not what lies ahead.

Happy July Everyone!


It has been two weeks since my mom and dad left Hawaii, and just as long since my last post.  It is not that I haven’t had a lack of inspiration.  I have so many stories, photos, memories to share.  I just could not get there.  I haven’t been in a pool of sadness either, I am very aware of how fortunate I am to have had them here for so long, to have them here at all.

It is hard to put it all into words… but after they left, I think for the very first time in this deployment I felt alone.  I have had to reset my intentions for the months ahead.  I’ve needed to set a new normal.  I’m up for the challenge, but I had to do it quietly.


During this time I contemplated continuing the blog.  I promised myself I would keep this space as a safe one.  One that let me review my life in a positive, nurturing light.  I try not to write when I’m down, sad, or angry.  I don’t want to put those things out into the universe, let alone the very public internet.

Yet then I looked back through these some odd 900+ posts and I felt a rush of gratitude and excitement humming within.  I have a very personal timeline featured in my own little corner of the internet.  I have hundreds of hours of finding just the right quote, waiting for words to spill across the keyboard, searching through photos and editing them just so.

I’m not ready to let that all go.  I’m ready to continue experiencing this journey and composing a blog that helps me re-live and enjoy all over again.  Over the next month I have my own little “come back kid” fire burning within.


Now, as of lately you know what’s been up.  I’ve been hunting for that perfect day to find my writing voice again.  Today was that day.

As for the lately of past two weeks:

There have been solo-girl movie nights.  Walks around the beach and downtown. Fro-yo and book reading.  I put together our Thailand scrapbook, and it was amazing to look at Ry’s face in photos every day and think of that awesome adventure.


I’ve had long, comforting chats with friends both near and far.  I’ve written letters.  A twin-size quilt (my first first quilt ever) was made.  There was a marathon of Orange is the New Black: Season 2.  New cooking ambitions were formed.  There have been day dreams and hours of sitting, journal in hand, on my lanai.

Lately, I’ve found my feet hit the ground, and my voice again.

52 Weeks of Happy: 23

This has been another delightfully happy week.

 I am falling sorrowfully behind in my posting, but at this point I’ve decided to soak up the memories and time with my parents instead of stressing about schedules.  This is a happy step for me in itself.  Keeping my hobbies HAPPY hobbies instead of ones that induce any more pressure.

I’ve also been able to see that through my 52 weeks of happy, there is always one thing (and hopefully more) to be happy about each week.  It is refreshing to look back and say, sure that might have been hard/sad/frustrating, but there was also a few wonderful things to focus on.

52 Weeks: 23

Wonderful things this past week:

Taking my parents to the Bishop Museum.

Going PADDLEBOARDING for the first time. HELLLO workout. My legs and abs felt it for days after, but I felt like a water siren cutting across the ocean on my board.

Mama and I had a girl’s day.  We went to the mall in Honolulu and shopped till we dropped. It was awesome to have her there, as usually I am solo in the dressing room, sending her photos from my phone.

I finished watching ALL 3 Seasons of The Walking Dead AGAIN.  This time with my dad.  I liked it even more the second time around as I was not as freaked out because I knew what was going to happen!

52 Weeks: 23

I’ve also frequented the gym more often, and I came home to a SPARKLING house this week. The parents said their paying their rent by cleaning;) I felt so deliciously spoiled.

Cheers to Happy Week 24!