Thanksgiving Throwback

As I await my Friendsgiving and now have bread happily rising, casserole stirred and outfit prepped, I decided to sit back and quietly reflect on the past few years of Thanksgivings.  It hasn’t been since 2010 that we’ve shared the holiday with our immediate family…isn’t that crazy? 4 years have passed and we’ve either been in Korea, Hawaii, or China!  It makes me think of our coming daughter and wonder if she will ever experience going off to Grandma’s and Nana’s house as I did, snuggled in the backseat of the car, waiting to fill up my belly and greet the open doors with laughter.  She may not have immediate family nearby, but she will have us, and the family we create for ourselves.  It is a unique prospect to be switching into mommy-mode and want to make the holidays still special and fraught with our own traditions, wherever we are.  I’m excited for it.  This quote on Pinterest especially moved me:

Happy Thanksgiving to wherever you may be! Our own little time capsule of turkey days starts at the links below:)

2010: Thanksgiving back in Ohio at my parent’s “old” house! Before the Arkansas move

2011: Flying Home from Thailand and celebrating the day with friends in Seoul

2012: Enjoying a trip to Beijing, China

2013: A special Hawaiian Thanksgiving made all the more special by bumping into military friends/family we’ve made along the way

2014: Today! Pictures of my bump and I coming soon!

Now I’m off to play some Christmas tunes LOUDLY and start sprucing this little Hale up for the holiday season!

This Year I am Thankful for…

…so very much.

I feel like this year with my 52 Weeks of Happy Project I’ve been even more thankful all year through.  Weekly, and even daily, I’ve been reflecting more on what I have and not what I have not.  I will be missing Ryan today and the rest of my family, but instead of focusing on missing, I’m focusing on the Friendsgiving I’ll be attending this year.  I’m focusing on the many joys that fill my heart, and the one that is filling my belly!
beautiful and pregnant on the beach

At 32 Weeks pregnant, I am thankful for this little girl within me.  Thankful to be pregnant and have this beautiful experience.

I am thankful for the “simple” things that are easily taken for granted, like access to clean water, an income, food, shelter.

I am thankful to live on this gorgeous island, and for that matter, all the amazing places in the world I have lived.

I am thankful for travel.  For love.  For friends.  For the ability to read and get lost in a good book.  I am thankful that for most of my life I’ve been able to work a job I’m passionate about.  I’m thankful I found something I am so passionate about.

I am thankful for an amazing partner in this journey, for an unfailing family love from our relatives.

There are so many others.  I can barely capture the words that can truly encompass them all.  But the bottom line is, on this special day where we are reminded to count our blessings, I see I have many.

I am grateful and humbled by this beautiful adventure.

52 Weeks of Happy: 46

I took a mini-post break to soak up the last few precious days with my Katie.

That’s really what Week 46 was all about…HAPPY to have my best girl friend by my side again.

Happy to share in quiet mornings sipping coffee, night time chats and knowing she was asleep beside me.

Happy to try to keep up with her long stride with my now slightly stunted prego one on hikes and beach walks;)

Happy to have laughs, tears, and all our emotions mixed together in one big bundle of thankfulness for TIME together.

Best Friends on the Beach

I have so much to share of her trip, and will start doing so soon, but until then, know that week 46 was a special one for 2014.  I love moments with you dear girl.

8 Things I Miss About AUTUMN

It is like an unspoken “no-no” to mention anything you might not like about Hawaii to a non-islander.  People will shoot you a devastatingly angry look about “how could you POSSIBLY complain???? You live in PARADISE!!!”

Truth: this place is awesome.  I do love it here.


Yup. There’s a little but.

I miss Autumn.  Growing up on the east coast, I love the changing of the seasons.  You always miss what you don’t have…and autumn has always officially been my favorite time of year.  I just adore it.  So, today I’m lamenting about it and looking forward to having it back one day.  Or perhaps I’m already dreaming of a trip back to mainland next year to enjoy it and then fly back to paradise:) Plus, Baby Ev in little jackets and rolling in leaves? Ugh, so cute!  Enough rambling, let me just air them out:

8 Things I Miss About Autumn

1. Misty, cold mornings. Those ones where you don’t want to get out of bed.  Where it is so chilly that you just want to pull the blankets over your head and sleep till appropriate.

gorgeous Arkansas

2. Football games.  The ones where you arrive with blankets for the cold, hard bleachers and you see your breath pool out in a puffy white wisp by the end of the night.

3. Bonfires.  Bundling around one all cozy-like to whisper a ghost story or roast marshmallows.

4. Ducking in off the cold street for a hot chocolate or coffee.  It’s like I have free reign for more coffees when it is cold.  That mug does double-duty as a hand-warmer!

warm hearts cup o' joe

5. The changing of the leaves.  Gorgeous colors adorn the trees, blasting your senses with the vibrancy of mother nature’s closet.

6. Going out of my way to hit the “crunchy” leaves while I’m walking. So satisfying to hear that crinkle under foot.

changing leaves

7.  The autumn wardrobe.  Leggings get busted out under dresses, hats, coats, scarves, BOOTS!

warm weather wear

8. Feeling that with the change of the wind, winter is at the edge, the end of the year is coming and all new dreams are starting.

Autumn, you are missed by this girl.

Travel Throwback Thursday: 4 Fun Moments from China

Top 4 Fun China Moments


I adore Thursdays because of this series.  It seems we have endless adventures to look back upon, which I’m so proud of and excited to share.  I have so many found memories of packed bags and hoofing around airports, subways, and foreign streets.

In November of 2012 I went to China for Thanksgiving.  It was an awesome journey filled with beautiful moments.  My top 4 are featured today!

Top 4 Fun China Moments Lama Temple


The Lama Temple was an unexpected surprise.  I toured Beijing with a group, and normally we were on a schedule.  On our last day, we had “free time” to do whatever we wanted.  My friends and I used this time to visit the gorgeous temple.  It was simple, quiet, and less-touristy than most of our stops, which always tends to lead to some of my best memories.

Top 4 Fun China Moments Peking Duck

Ranked one of my most memorable meals in my entire life, trying Peking Duck for the first time was incredible.  Who needs a Thanksgiving turkey when you can eat duck in China??!

Top 4 Fun China Moments Riding the Rickshaw

Traveling through the Hutongs was humbling.  It was not so much the thrill of having an elderly man pedal us around via bicycle, but more an eye-opening experience of seeing the “real” China of low-income neighborhoods and community bathrooms for an entire city block.  Tough business that made me really thankful for what I have.

Top 4 Fun China Moments Splitting the Great Wall


It was sheer DELIGHT to get to climb the Great Wall of China.  When Ry told me we were moving to Korea, that dream sprouted in my mind of something I just HAD to do whilst we were in Asia.  I climbed as high as I could, then dropped into my splits as part of my “splits around the world” challenge to myself.  Amazing.

The possibility of ADVENTURE in everyday! xoxoLindsay

I WILL Make: Canvas Art

I have had a BIG empty space on my wall waiting for canvas art that I would make.  I promised myself.  I bought supplies. I searched for the perfect quote.  I found it. Stared at supplies. Drug my feet. Felt nervous about painting something…

it was time to get over it and JUST DO IT.  Thanks Nike. Your quote still applies to this day!

I ripped my creative band-aid off last weekend and set to work.  I cut out sticky letters to help make my quote more clean:

canvas art project

I decided on a quote by Rumi after feeling super inspired by all of his sayings one day.  I jotted them in my journal and mused over which one would set the perfect tone for our family right now.

let yourself be silently drawn rumi quote

This one spoke to me.  It is positive. It is what I want my growing daughter to look at and dream about.  Following what we really love in life has not lead us astray, it has only made life more beautiful.

let yourself be silently drawn rumi quote

I stuck the letters down and did a base coat of bright blue over all of them.

let yourself be silently drawn rumi quote

After that was finished, I used green and light blue to swirl over the dark blue, keeping the letter stickers down.  I also utilized a stencil I bought at Ben Franklin Crafts to give the painting more texture and pattern.

let yourself be silently drawn rumi quote

Before pulling the letters off:

let yourself be silently drawn rumi quote

After! I love how this turned out.  I hand-lettered a few pieces of the quote to give it a different flow, and to have more script-looking letters instead of all block.

let yourself be silently drawn rumi quote

Now hanging on our living room, I see it as I come home and when I leave for the day.  It reminds me to stay the path.  I also love how the vibrant blue pops against our white walls.

I MADE it! Canvas Art Goal: COMPLETED!

What is on your must-make list?

My Pregnancy Journey Weeks 21-31

Hi there! I am officially 31 weeks prego today, so this post could not come at a better time!  I’ve been feeling pretty good overall, which is such a blessing.  The weather cooled down here in Hawaii tremendously over the past couple of weeks, and my growing body certainly enjoys that fact!  I didn’t really think I had a rush of energy through my second trimester…until now.

You don’t know whatcha got till it’s gone!  I am a lot more tired, the afternoon naps are BACK! I’ve been using lavender every night to help me sleep, and I do have to wear hard-soled shoes in the house to ease my feet.  My appetite has dwindled, so I’m conscience about what I’m putting in every day to make each calorie count for baby and me.  I snack a lot more instead of eat big meals;)  The hormones have kicked up a notch emotionally, which is a bit wild, but I’m breathing through it and recognizing that this is part of the process!

30 Weeks Pregnant

The bump is growing, which I’m reminded of daily by friends, family, and plain ol’ strangers that say, “wow! when are you due?!” then they look a bit shocked when I tell them I have 9 weeks left to go.  Which by the way, makes you feel even more like a house, ha ha.  As long as this house is provided a safe home for our little girl, I’m good.

I completed my FINAL ZUMBA CLASS at 30 weeks.  It was hard to say goodbye, but I know it is what is right for me, right now.  I’m doing my best to continue to listen to my body and take great care of it.  I am proud of myself for making it that far along, and I do hope to go get my groove on still, just without the pressure and energy of being the instructor.

I’ll keep you posted as this journey continues, all I know is that I am certainly thankful to be on it!

5.3 Million Steps to 30

5.3 Million Steps to 30 with my Fitbit


I think setting goals is very exciting.  It can also be daunting, scary, and require an absolute commitment to bravery to reveal them.  But once they are revealed…they are so much more real.  I hope by sharing this goal on my blog today, I am setting the tone for myself to be truly committed to seeing this through to the end.  Deep breath. Here we go:

I want to walk 5.3 million steps before I turn 30.

This all started after I bought my Fitbit.  I told my husband that I wanted a fitness goal to reach before 30.  He thought this was fantastic, and knows these professions of future victory help me to succeed in the present.  We batted around different ideas: 300 miles before 30? 3,000?  They didn’t fit right yet.  I was also gently reminded that I am pregnant, will be having a child, and will need to take it easy getting her here and recovering from that process.  But my mind still needed something to look forward to. Something obtainable to strive for even after baby arrives.

Thus, 5.3 million STEPS was born.  I started this goal on OCTOBER 17th, 2014.  My deadline is my 30th birthday  APRIL 5th, 2016.

Starting on October 17th I had 537 days until 30.

That is an average of 9, 870 steps a day.

Doesn’t seem like that much, right? But I think with the third trimester aches and pains + baby recovery, it will be.  It will be a worthy challenge to work up to.  It is also a great reminder now to keep moving.  Walk a little extra NOW, and build back up to it LATER.

I’ll be checking in with you all via the blog during my process.  I believe in being healthy.  I believe in being fit.  Most of all, I believe in me and that this is a great goal for my current life status right now.  Every step I take gets me one closer to the end-game.  I want to know that heading towards 30 I can be just as in-shape if not (gasp) more (?!) than I was before.

A brand-spankin new GOAL begins!

Tales from the Barre: Written Triumph

I teach dance five (sometimes 6 or 7) days a week.  I’m passionate about my work and feel extremely fortunate to have a “job” I enjoy.  I put JOB in quotations because most days it does not feel like work, it feels like exactly where I am meant to be.

Now that being said, I have a collection of endearing memories swirling around in my head each week.  Precious moments with young dancers as they find their feet.  I want to share those stories to hopefully bring a little smile, a little more joy into your day, and to help me remember on those days that are a bit more rough that there is a greater reason for why I do this.

Dance teacher in studio

This month I’m switching it up a bit! I want to share a few silly, fun, and proud stories from my own career as an educator and performer.  When I thought about making this change in stories, the first moment I want to share with you is PROUD.  I was featured last October as part of the Creating with Kids Project on the website Maria’s Movers.    You can read my full interview at the link provided.  The interview made me dive deeply within myself and I really was able to pinpoint exactly what I love about teaching! What a gift doing what we love is;)  Happy Sunday!

52 Weeks of Happy: 45

Happy Week 45! Duh-duh-duh, ANOTHER WEEK BITES THE DUST!

I’m trying not to wish the weeks away, but I’m getting so close to Ry’s return I can hardly stand it.  Miss that man so much and am just pumped to get him HOME!!!

This week’s highlight: SHOPPING! I am not a crazy shopper, but as I was over at the Waikele outlets for a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, I hit up Carter’s and Motherhood Maternity.  They had HUGE sales going on and I was happy to pick up a few items for baby girl and baby Mama.  I’ve gotten through my pregnancy with only a few key pieces, but it was time for a little extra spruce and a new bathing suit so I can still rock the belly at the beach!  It was nice to treat myself to a little clearance-rack digging and walk away with a few lovely pieces.

baby shopping

Mmmm…the Leonard’s Malasadas TRUCK! Walk up goodness.

malassada truck

Super HAPPY about this great mail! I received a thoughtful giftie from my Dad, Carol King’s Tapestry album.  We were talking about it the other day, and I was telling him how I couldn’t believe I did not own it because I loved it so much. BAM! It arrived in my mailbox a few days later. Thanks Daddio!  Christie sent me an adorable mama-perks package with chocolate, face masks, and uplifting words. Thanks for spoiling me guys;)

surprise treats

Other weekly wonders: I am DONE with my CHOREOGRAPHY! Do a BIG dance for this one! Whoop whoop!  With much relief I have all 4 competition solos completed and 5 pieces for the winter show wrapped up.  Now to get picky and clean till we are close to perfect!

I also saw baby girl this week, she is a growing girl and looks wonderful, what more can I ask for? Feeling blessed for this precious gift.

Week 46 is going to be a BLAST in just 2 days Katie will be in my arms! CAN’T WAIT!!